#131 – The Name Of The Wind

#131 - The Name Of The Wind
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We’re reading a new book together, “The Name of The Wind”, by Patrick Rothfuss. It’s a fantasy book, part of several volumes, the last of which has yet to be published. It’s good, it has a brisk story and a well-fleshed out world. Much of it is told from the first person perspective of the main character, Kvoth. The one thing that frustrates me is that he isn’t just smart, he’s brilliant, no, exceptionally brilliant, and loves to tell us several times every 100 pages, in case you’d forgotten. I want to take a drink every time someone says – “I didn’t expect you to work that out so quickly.” I’d already be drunk today. He’s like Jack Bauer in “24”, who suffered only because he always, always knew the right thing to do, and failed only when others failed to see it and got in his way. By the end of the season everyone had to say – “You were right Jack, if only I’d listened to you from the start.” It’s hard not to see Kvoth as the author’s alter-ego, a perfect, brilliant version of himself.
I didn’t expect to have worked it out so quickly.

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