Missive #89 – It’s An Insanely Small World

Missive #89 - It's An Insanely Small World
Missive #89 - back
sent from: London, UK. destination: Pontiac, Michigan, USA

Postcard reads:

We went to the V and A museum for a late-night ‘booze it up amongst Roman statues’ thing that make London a fun place to be. We met up with Greta, in town from New York for the George Michael concerts at the Royal Albert Hall. We had met during a theatre production of “Once More, With Feeling” in San Francisco. Inside one of the largest galleries displaying Raphael’s cartoons, they had laid down a carpeted floor, raised on two sides at a gentle slope. You were encouraged to lie down on it, soft as warm spring grass, and take in the space, or just enjoy the company. We rolled down the slope, careless as chilcren, and lay head-down on the it so the blood slowly crept to our heads.

On the way out Greta looked at a couple of girls – “I know one of the those girls”. I looked over, and so did I, but as our worlds were so divergent, I didn’t consider it possible that we both knew the same person. Nina, our newly-discovered-to-be-a mutual friend, reacted with excitement and confusion as she, too, recognised two friend from different worlds who she wouldn’t place together in the same place at the same time. Hugs all round.

Greta had not seen Nina in about 20 years (!), and I had not seen her for 5 or so. AND she’s working at the same place as Maria!!

Small world.


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