Missive #88 – Don’t Go Back For Your Wife

Missive #88 - Don't Go Back For Your Wife
Missive #88 - back
sent from: London, UK. destination: San Francisco, CA, USA

The Postcard Reads:

I couldn’t turn back without risk [of] being caught and eaten. I had slipped past the zombies, improbably, impossibly, before realising that Maria was not behind me and stuck on the other side. We waiting, unable to communicate, me willing her to brave the two shambling, groaning shells, even as I knew she couldn’t Looking at the map, I cursed myself for coming this way. I should have gone around, down the surely-empty side streets. I came up with a plan. I turned back, breathing deep – one of the zombies saw me and began judging whether to chase or not. I called to Maria, telling her to head into the side streets, that I would meet her on the other side. I wasn’t sure if she heard me because by that time the zombie had broken into a run, arms outstretched, and I was trying to keep ahead, struggling to out-pace it. I saw it slip away from me and I started to slow, turning to look ahead for the first time.
Those sidestreets, that I was sure were empty of the monsters?
I was wrong.

On Thursday we took part in 2.8 Hours Later, a London Zombie Apocalypse LARP. A ton of fun.

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