Missive #85 – F You

Missive #85 - F You
Missive #85 - back
sent from: Berner’s Street, London, UK. destination: Parliament Hill, London, UK

Postcard reads:

It’s one of those f-you London days, so here goes…

  • f-you Tube
  • f-you tourists, theatre-goers, gormless brainless pedestrians
  • f-you flat tyres, punctures, mechanics
  • f-you other cyclists who run red lights 
  • f-you, Victorian infrastructure and inflated sense of self
  • f-you Monday
  • f-you people who don’t listen to you
  • f-you movies, stupid movies that don’t know when to call it a day
  • f-you digital VFX
  • f-you Oyster cards and inflated fares
  • f-you shops that don’t open past 5.30pm
  • f-you, First World Problems

ps. tomorrow’s a new day, but until then, f-you!

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