Missive #56 – Grand Myths

Missive #56 - Grand Myths
Missive #56 - back
sent from: Waterloo Station, London, UK. destination: Arlington, Texas, USA

Postcard text:

We’re almost half-way through the Dragonbone Chair and it’s a pleasure to relive a story that I know so well and yet have forgotten the details of through the years. One of it’s [sic] themes is how myths are made, and the often contradictory truth behind them; how the men & women talked about and mythologised were more often than not victims of their own circumstances. In a small way, I can relate to this – I’ve been beyond fortunate to have had the career I’ve had, to my dreams at Industrial Light and Magic. Sometimes, however, I feel as though people have projected onto me something that wasn’t there, a sort of idealised-me that I couldn’t possibly satisfy ~ but who am I to rob them of their dreams?

 I went to the Grand Canyon once, in 1997, with my mum. It was big.

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