Man On A Missive

 Man On A Missive is a writing project that started on the 1st of August, 2011.

  It is a re-christening of The Postcard Project.

  I have a collection of postcards that goes back twenty or so years. I hadn’t collected with any particular idea in mind, just souvenirs of trips taken, cities visited, artwork I liked, and random things that caught my eye. Many of them were tacked to my bedroom wall or office space.

  They have traveled with me across the world and back several times now; it is time to let them go.

  Every day one postcard is sent out into the world.

  The contents of the postcard are a collection of overheard conversations, random thoughts, mini-stories and writing experiments.

  Some of the images may repeat as I have multiple copies but each card is unique.

  Man On A Missive will continue for at least a year, or until I run out of postcards.

  If you receive a postcard, please comment on the relevant blog posting to let me know that you received it.

  If you want a postcard, please send me your address to juanluis [at] juanluis [dot] com.

  When the project is complete, I may ask for the postcards back in order to exhibit them together, but you will then get them when the exhibition concludes.

  I hope you enjoy it.

11 thoughts on “Man On A Missive

  1. Not only did NY get its postcard; it is, in fact, the cover postcard! love the colors, the retro feeling, and the description of the decorated trajineras en los canales de Xochimilco!

  2. Wellington New Zealand reporting in sah! Your card arrived suitably aged by our leaky letterbox. Just enough water to warp it nicely, and bleed the print on the address so that it feels like it has come from a long time ago and a galaxy far far away 🙂

  3. Thanks Juan. Enjoyed your observations of your traveling companions on the train, and loved the image of downtown Sunbury. Interesting project.

  4. I love the El Camino Real postcard, thanks! When I first moved to California (after having lived on the east coast for almost 30 years!), I moved in to an apartment in Burlingame at 789 El Camino Real where I lived for about 3 years. This section of the royal highway was lined with eucalyptus trees, which were right outside my top floor window.

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