2 thoughts on “The Postcard Project #26 – Taking A Bath

  1. I went to Bath once. I left my lens cap on a park bench. That is in about 1981 – I'm about to give up on ever getting it back.

    That was for a proper film camera too, in case anyone remembers those. I still have the camera, though I think I sold the lens, so maybe I don't need the cap any more.

    Still, some things are hard to let go of.

    Also, I heard there were Romans in Bath, but I never saw any. Saw some Italians though. Is that different?

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    What is this “film” you speak of?

    The Romans taking a bath you are looking for you might find if you search Venice (Boulevard) http://www.clubromanholiday.com/

    You say you saw Italians taking a bath. Were there Italiennes there too? Describe in detail if there were.

    1981, that's thirty years ago. Did you have a big commemoration for the lost lens cap, and did the President show up?


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