The Postcard Project – day 6


sent from: Newman St, London, UK. destination: Sammamish, Washington, USA

I must have bought this card in the early 90s on a trip to Madrid, although I don’t remember seeing it, I can imagine roughly when it might have been. It would have adorned my university room, probably during the last year of my degree (you can see the marks left by the sticky tack in the corners). Doubtless it reminded me of some fantasy scene, I love the composition of the scene (the gnarled tree in the foreground, the bridge in the midground, the distant waterfall), all of which help sell the massive scale of the landscape. Plus the mood of the skies, the light coming from the cave, it’s wonderful.

Having just re-watched Peter Jackson’s Lord of The Rings films, it reminded me of those. This is being sent to the person with whom I watched Fellowship of the Ring in San Francisco for the second time in the cinema, which I did so she could convince me to just relax and enjoy the film for what it was rather than what I wanted it to be. I didn’t quite get there at the time, but I did almost 10 years later. Thank you, I miss seeing movies with you my friend.

2 thoughts on “The Postcard Project – day 6

  1. You are still pretty much my favorite person to see a movie with. It takes a film buff to get a film buff, me thinks. I miss those outings! Or maybe just the pizza after… no, I miss the movies too.

    Thanks for including me in the project. I appreciate how you can make something like a wall-hanging from college become a keepsake for a far-away friend. I will store it up high, so as to avoid peanut-butter-and-jelly hands.


  2. Hi Juan. Love this post card project… wish I thought of it, though I don't have as many cards as you possibly have.

    Thomas Cole paintings are awesome… I have 4 of his prints from the art museum in DC… the Voyage of Life series he did depicting the 4 stages of human life. Good stuff

    Hope you and Maria are well.


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